I often go to a knowledge of the various about football game. I have played a lot of games. But this phone games for the first time. The feeling is very good.Players start out by picking their team. Chose from all 32 NFL teams and have your name and number on your official team jersey. Players then begin with the “Basic Skills” level where they learn how to throw, dodge and manage the controls. The better you perform on this level, the more points you earn to unlock the next level, “Playmaker.”

Play this game friends should be like football fans. I believe you will like this game. Believe me that's right.To play the game, just swipe your finger across the screen in a flicking motion, similar to the game makers’ other flicking games like Flick Golf Extreme! HD. Players can also control the ball while it is in mid air by swiping in the direction they want to ball to go. This is helpful when you have to throw in strong wind.

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