Someone said that I, but I think they are wrong. Because I'm like this sport. I have been trying to understand something about football.
That was about it for a few years. I returned to New York. I continued to play 2K5 but I didn’t follow the NFL or keep up with it- except to visit Ben (now living in Cambridge) to watch the Seahawks lose in the Super Bowl to the Steelers. I rooted for the Seahawks and started a season (franchise) with them in the video game on my return home.

We have been trying to understand football things. This is very important. Like this sport, is we have to do.That was it really until September 2007.  I was aware that there was an NFL game being played at Wembley but I thought I’d missed the tickets. A Ticketmaster email alerted me of a few late released tickets and on impulse I bought two. My girlfriend was about to learn about the NFL and I was about to find my team and the second love of my life. In the excitement leading to the game I bought an Eli Manning shirt from Footlocker. My soul-searching lead me to a conversation with a girlfriend who – to be fair – didn’t really

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