Unfortunately, he did not to wait until the end of the game, he left the stadium because of the pain. His fans must be very sad. Because he was injured.
I’m not denying the upside that comes with drafting Michael Vick on your fantasy squad, but you can have him. I want no part of him unless I’m in a shallow standard league, where there will be plenty of other QB’s to choose from if something were to happen. But in all honesty, the shallowest league that I play is a 12 team league where the QB gets 1 point for every completion and -0.5 point for every incompletion. So it was an easy choice to not draft Vick in that one.

This is all the football fans are not willing to see things. Their favorite football players injured. And can't take part in the competition. This is a very painful thing.But the news of the night was that Vick had to leave the game because of a rib injury. The initial X-Rays came back negative but he probably will sit out the next two games to get healthy for the regular season. It’s enough for me to completely stay away though. I mean he’s played in two preseason games and couldn’t even finish either one. And I don’t even mean finish in the traditional sense. They only have to play part of the time and he still couldn’t finish.

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