Patriot is NFL top offensive. They are leading a league-leading, has the largest point difference. If that weren't enough, they also cause NFL in leakage/take out + 24. Tom brady has out 3537 yards, 25 TD, only 4 be intercepted. New England has developed a running game in Stevan LeiDeLi who has 1010 yards hurried 225 carry and 9 of the TD. The patriots have scoring 30 + points and eight games this season, and + in four games, and fifty + points in two games. They attack with the league sixth grade through the attack, 8 ranking running game. Patriot and Texas people play this season's seven common opponents. Including the other half of the schedule, in which each team are the same.
Houston Texas person QB matt XiaoBu has out 3062 yards, 21 TD, and 9 be intercepted. Arian foster has run 1102 code 283 carry, 13 impact time touchdown. Texas people have 4 offensive ranked in the NFL, tenth best passers and alliance sixth best running group. Texas is the second highest scoring teams in the NFL. They are also the second point is poor, and the second in leakage/take out + 14.

The Dallas cowboys defender Anthony spencer strong season now include more responsibility.
He will now play defense caller, Bruce carter is lost this season injury.
Spencer got his first chance to wear the helmet communication last week in Washington for the second half, when carter go out with his elbow dislocation, let his injured reserve list. Carter himself has occupied the job from shaun lee, he continued to injured reserves last month.
"It's quite good," spencer said, he has two bags against the redskins to match a season of his career, the highest for 6.5. "It is more intense than I expected. But it's very well."
Voice than expected?
"His voice," spencer said, broke into a smile.
Rob Ryan?
"Yes. He's in my head voice than I expected," spencer said.
In understanding, everyone laughed. Ryan is of course a call a spade a spade defensive coordinator. But spencer know Ryan is expected, and the signal to the defense only for him a additional steps.
"I say their own in my head I heard them, so it's just repeat," spencer said. "I mean, this is the only different things, he shouted," look out! "And" check! "And all the other things."
He had wanted to say, "coach, enough!"


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