If you are my friends these topics I can help you answer, because I know what's the movement. So I was the experts.The Vees made another trade just 48 hours after the blockbuster that  saw them land Sam Mellor and Rob Mann. Today the team officially announced the acquisition of defenseman of James De Haas from the Toronto Lakeshore Patriots of the OJHL. I say officially because you may recall I wrote about the deal a couple weeks ago. Then the trade wasn’t officially, some dotting of T’s and crossing of I’s were still in order. However, after a long process, De Haas is finally a member of the Vees.You have to believe that I was right. So you can get what you want.

A about hockey thing, I will find a lot of information to prove that it is true. This is I like to do.The press release touches on his junior career and so far it’s been very good. This past June he was snagged by the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL Entry Draft in the 6th round, and we all know how well the Red Wings draft in late rounds (Lindstrom, Zetterberg and Datsyuk ring a bell?). I’m not stating that he’s going to be at that level but what I’ve been told is he’s quite the player. The Vees are getting a defenseman who has the rare tools of both size (6’3 200 lbs.) and speed, not to mention a hockey IQ that hockey personnel rave about. I’m not going out and saying this is the next Mike Reilly, that would be comparing apples to oranges. De Haas will be a player and quite the player at that for the Vees and will only get better better as the season progresses. With Mann and now De Haas the Vees have bulked up the blue-line ahead of September; this won’t be an easy team to play against in their zone.