You are a NHL hockey fan? I think you ought to know about NHL hockey team things. Understand the flyer. I think you will like them.This is a big loss for the flyers.  Meszaros has a large part in the D, especially with Pronger being out.  Not to mention the fact that he led the Flyers D core in Goals and was 3rd in points, only playing 62 games and 1 playoff game this last season. 

I was aware of some of the things is to understand your own favorite NHL hockey team. It makes me feel happy. I hope I can know all the things about them.A quick look on Twitter (Follow me @rhryvnak) shows many complaining that the Flyers need to acquire a serious D man again.  Philadelphia currently has 12 Defensemen on the roster (This includes both Pronger and Meszaros).  There are 6 others that have played at the NHL level already and 4 younger players. I disagree again that they have to run out and start acquiring defensemen.