Maybe you should pay attention to some of these things. Because we Since the New York knicks signed the 38-year-old rasheed Wallace two weeks ago, already have a lot of articles and "hot need" in the media about the knicks have become "the history of the NBA's most ancient team." Most seem to this article originates from the Wall Street journal articles by Chris herring. Although this is a fact, New York's average age is the oldest list any team in history, this is a red herring. In fact, when through the appropriate lens, the knicks might even won't be the ten most ancient team in the past 15 years.

A lot of people are very like NBA basketball. But I always can't to pay attention to these. Hope you will see what I mean.
The team's average age assume that each member of the team is playing a role of equality. Obviously, is not the case. A 25-year-old starter is more important, a team of more than 40 deep bench player; Why do they age is given the same weight? Come up with a meaningful measure team's era, we need heavy age is a large number of minutes, each team members play.

To illustrate this point, let us examine the oldest team through the simple average age from 1994 to now: 1997-1998 knicks.

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