I am also a basketball fan. It makes me feel very excited because I like to watch basketball games. This can let me know many others like me.Here  is a picture of the Oklahoma City Thunder fans, the team made it to the NBA finals this season and is known to have the best crowd in the NBA. That being said they also had the best home record in the entire league.

There are many such friends is a happy things. I feel very different. It makes me very surprising.The picture is showing the passion the fans bring to the games,  they are disguised in an artificial beard which represents standout player James Harden. James Harden also won the “6th man of the year” award and says he could not have done it without the energy and support the fans give him through mail and at the games.

Know your favorite basketball sports. I hope this is I have been in the pursuit of the things.Despite their flurry of off-season moves, the Knicks had yet to get their hands on a badly needed perimeter defender. They got one Tuesday, as they have signed ex-Chicago Bull Ronnie Brewer to a one year contract. Brewer will make $1,069,509 this season, the veterans minimum for Brewer who has played six NBA seasons. I like this move. It was imperative, especially with Iman Shumpert injured, that the Knicks go out and get a wing who can defend. Brewer has the versatility and athleticism to guard both 2′s and 3′s out on the wing.

Basketball is I had always dreamed of. I will learn more about the NBA basketball thing.I really like some of the lineups you could roll out with Brewer on the floor. With Brewer on the court, the Knicks have the ability to play really big with Brewer at the 2, or they could play small with Brewer at the 3 and presumably Melo at the 4. Once Iman Shumpert returns, I think you could do a lot of interesting things schematically with Brewer. The Knicks could run both Brewer and Shumpert together, which would in theory give them an exceptionally strong perimeter defense.

I have been in focus on Bryant's things. Because he's my favorite basketball player one.He doesn’t really know where the Lakers will go right now, but he is probably focused on the team winning a championship this year. I am sure he wants to win that sixth championship ring! I think they really have a chance at that this year, especially if they get Dwight on the roster. If they don’t, they still have a big chance because their core is still in tact with Bynum, Kobe and Gasol, now mixed in with Steve Nash. Nash is definitely going to make this team much better and bring them to another level on the offensive end.

A lot of people think so. Believe that he can again won an NBA championship. We support you. You can be certain of success.
I believe the Lakers should start getting young talent for the future so that when Kobe retires, like he said in the video, we don’t have to suffer a huge drop in talent level. I would suggest the Lakers start building on their current players, making them better, and even scout out some talent they can sign in the free agency in the next couple years. This would really help the team out because they have a few guys on the team now that are getting up there in age. I even heard a rumor that the Lakers might sign Antawn Jamison, and he’s up there in age as well. If they get Grant Hill on top of that, man that’s sort of an oldie team!

I believe that a lot of people know this NBA basketball boy. Because he was often TV media attention.I am not saying Jeremy Lin is the problem, but he is part of it. The New York Knicks were faced with an extremely “tough” decision: to re-sign Lin or let him walk. In the past, the Knicks were the team spokes-team for signing mediocre players to huge contracts.

In his happened a lot of things and rumours. Have good and bad. This is our unexpected.Eddy Curry, Stephon Marbury, Allan Houston (he wasn’t worth $100 million), Jerome James (five years, $30 million), and who could forget the contract they gave former head coach Larry Brown (between $50-60 million). But since they kicked Isaiah Thomas out of office, the Knicks have tidied-up their negotiations and I applaud them for that.

I don't know what I was beginning to understand the basketball when the boy. But I found that I have to like him.
And I give them a standing-ovation for doing the right thing in this case: NOT re-signing Lin. I am a fan of hard work, perseverance, equity and time put in. Lin did all of that. A graduate from Harvard University, Lin wanted to pursue a professional basketball career in the NBA. It didn’t start well for Lin, going undrafted in the 2010 NBA draft. During the 2010-2011 season, Lin signed a contract to play in his home state, for the Golden State Warriors. However, he ended up in the NBA Developmental League (three times) and was finally waived by Golden State, then by the Houston Rockets before making his way to the Concrete Jungle.