There are a lot of football players is the god of my. Believe you will understand. I mean.And the attackers and lightning had a solid pre-season and want to continue the momentum into this one.

Philip rivers and the rest of the attack will depend on the new receiver Robert Meachem and Eddie royal in the passing game and operation Ronnie brown in running the game does not miss duo and Vincent brown's Ryan Matthews.

The charger defense may be more aggressive in the new defensive coordinator John sent GeNuo and rookie like melvin Ingram, Kendall reyes and brandon Taylor will be asked to increase, the influence of early for the team.

We've been focusing on valuable football player. And football teams. This is what we have been in the pursuit of things.As for the sneak attack, Carson palmer just must have a more consistent season if they are going to success this year, he will have to deal with a revised charger defense, will seek every opportunity blitzkrieg they can get him.

On defense, the defense of their previous seven belongs to the best league in the world and Richard Seymour outstanding player, but this is their rolando mike Ryan secondary, let them down because they had not yet replace Asomugha Nnamdi and any real talent in the side guard.

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