Perhaps this two NFL football teams are you like. Believe me. You Lance Dunbar finally will get his chance to play. The cowboy ascension from practice Monday his team to fill their 53 player list. Dallas release LeQuan flanker lewis, a special team good they introduce help returned personnel are for Washington and Devin Hester Leon, last week.

"We want to put the Dunbar up, to give him a chance to just contribution as a team, but also the guy on offense when necessary," cowboy coach Jason Garrett said Monday.

Dunbar cowboy nearly called up before the season against giants. Dunbar, north Texas's tennis rusher, ran 106 yards in the 18th carry in pre-season and caught three after 11 code.

Dunbar may have the opportunity to kick-off returns. He has three punt return in pre-season, but no deal with any kick-off returns. Felix Jones average 21.5 code in this season returns, cowboy after last year after starting to average (19.2 code line).

"He is a quick guy," Garrett said. "He showed that he can be a good gunner and do some drama. He is very positive and active. So will give him a chance. He also made some regression for us as well. So whatever he needs. We will give him some work at different locations in practice, see how he reaction."

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