Many people have dreamed of such a thing, you can be a football player. I believe that they have put their favorite sports as their work. So it will remain happy? I think so.Here’s a little math for you. With 32 teams each having 53 available spots, that means there’s 1,696 possible job opportunities in the NFL. With offseason roster limits at 90, that means each team has to cut 37 guys to get down to that magic number of 53, or 1,184 players. If you took just the players getting cut, you could create over 22 completely new NFL teams. That’s a mind boggling amount of players in my book.

They have a lot of professional dedication, this is they have been very proud of it. Because their work is football player. Let many people envy.
Of course, not everybody who gets cut is at the end of their career. Plenty of guys will catch on with new teams. The Packers, for example, will almost assuredly be in the market for a backup quarterback who didn’t fit in on somebody else’s roster, and some other team will without a doubt be snagging a couple soon-to-be-former Packer receivers. But for the vast majority of players cut this week, this is it. Their moment is done. They had their shot…and they missed.

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