In a long time ago, I began to pay attention to the NFL football. But I still have not too much time to focus on the game. I think a lot of friends and me.When 1996 years before the start of the NFL season I have to look at brown players play the crow and it makes me sick... Many people tell me choose another team is my team. Like steelers. Damn it! I don't just up brown fan; I was raised to despise steelers and to this day I do. I also know that brown will return to the 99 season, so I won't jump ship. Unfortunately, I don't have a ship jump from at this point, so in the next few years, I just see football like a zombie. Don't get me wrong, I still love football, but when there is no vested interests become vanilla, I hate vanilla.

But the only thing we didn't give up is like this sport. We are always in pursuit of his own dream.I have three years without a need to support the team. And because the brown back in 1999 they suck. But they are my brown and they will forever. God, I hope things began to find this season!

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