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Unfortunately, none of the RB’s stood out.  Bellichick flipped the script this time giving “The Screen” Vereen the start, and playing Stevan Ridley throughout the 2nd half.  Vereen averaged 2.5 YPC while Ridley averaged 2 YPC.  If our running game can only average 2 yards per carry, Tom Brady will be under enormous pressure.  Most journalists are not talking about the Patriots running game, but the running game is one of my biggest concerns heading in to the regular season.  Keep your eye on the running back position during the next two games.

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An argument could be made that the running game is struggling because of the offensive line.  Our offensive line has struggled with both pass protection and run blocking.  Hopefully with the return of Sebastian Vollmer and Logan Mankins, the line can regain its consistency.  After watching our backup line play, we better hope that there are no major injuries to the starters or hope if someone is injured, they pull a Logan Maknkins and play on a torn ACL for multiple games (one of the most underrated story lines from last year).  We are fairly strong on the inside spots due to the versatility of guys like Ryan Wendell, but we are weak at the tackle position.  I would love to hear in the next couple of weeks that Brian Waters has decided to return after Belichick gave him a “camp pass”.

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