I hope you have been attention NFL football game. I hope you can always like this sport.This past week of the regular season football game began. My team do well (Da bear!) , in the hope that the same to you, To [insert team name here!

This is I always wish. I really like the NFL football. I am very happy can fall in love with football.I love bears start back to me ten years old when the bear went to the super bowl. My friends and I remember the super bowl shuffle, singing all the time. Sweet, refrigerator and soft QB is the coolest. Now, I'm married, my husband and I watch football as a common interests and interesting things. I should disclosure we don't like the same team, but this does not hinder us to get along; )Our fantasy football draft strategy is different, he often won more than I do, but it doesn't matter, we have fun!

I said it all, painted a, I have strong, interesting memory and football as a child, I am currently making new memory. If sharing experience, memory, and a good time is what makes people watching football week after week, let the enterprise cost millions of dollars advertising for the super bowl, don't you should be as a enterprise managers try to create an experience, can produce good memory and bond with your family?

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