Attention all have been concerned things. This is the most important. Believe that each like MLB baseball friends are serious.I hope you will be very clear about these. No one will be able to understand these things. But I really hope to pay attention to.The most is worth me concern MLB baseball season. This is what we want most things. Believe me, you will understand.Back to my son is still we started a traditional preschool class prepared. We have these magnet in major league all the games, when the playoffs begin, we will put the magnet all the games in the playoffs on the refrigerator in one place and then put the champions at to see who is leading. When a team to win the series can remove losers and winners to replace the edge of the refrigerator. We will keep doing this until there is 2 team left, then we will do the same thing, until a world series title coronation. Then we will retire, until the next season's magnet. My son has gone home right now, but in his honor I still keep the traditional. I haven't updated the magnet, so when Washington win the division I was at a loss for a piece of magnet. So I used the world expo magnet on behalf of Washington (after all they had in Montreal). This is the first time I've used this exposition magnet, because only time Montreal before the playoffs is my son was born and before this tradition began.

1981 season may be for people remember strike influence, destroyed a large number of middle of season. But it is also the only a dozen playoff Montreal. When the strike ended, major league baseball's leaders decided to do a "split season". The idea is, the team in the first when the strike happen (Philadelphia and the dodgers in the national league) will be announced in the first half of the winners and the best in the team after a strike will be announced in the second half of the winners. The expo astronauts, won the second half NL (and st. Louis have the best overall recorded in the NL east and Cincinnati best record asked the west, all missed the playoffs). Then the two departments winners will face each other and two championship for the pennant.

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