The age of the great players, not many. But I believe that their future development will be very good. Because they love the sport.All things considered, fans should not be too concerned because he is such a talented defensive short stop and is just 22 years old. However, the emergence of 26-year-old Pedro Ciriaco this year has made things a tad more interesting. Since making his Red Sox debut on July 7 in a double-header with the New York Yankees, Ciriaco has amassed a .349 batting average with 8 RBI and 6 steals in 18 games.

Have been care about. The game of baseball. This is we should get to know. Believe that won't let you down.After picking him off the free agent scrap heap back in January, Ciriaco has given the Red Sox some young hope at a position that was once owned by Nomar Garciaparra but has been played by Orlando Cabrara, Edgar Renteria, Alex Gonzalez, Julio Lugo, Jed Lowrie, Alex Cora, Nick Green and Marco Scutaro before Mike Aviles took that mantle in 2012.


Baseball fans will focus on these things. The pitcher, the blue jays most worthy of our attention athletes.

The Houston Astros traded Brandon Lyon to the Toronto Blue Jays Thursday in a 10-player deal that sent closer Francisco Cordero to the Astros. Cordero has the second most saves for active players, behind Mariano Rivera.The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and New York Mets have made it apparent that they want to bolster their bullpens.

Understand I like baseball player. This is we've been doing. And I'm willing to do such a thing.The Mets have shown interest in relievers Jonathan Broxton, Grant Balfour, Francisco Rodriguez, and Huston Street.The Kansas City Royals have already placed Broxton on the trading block, but they are looking to acquire major-league-ready starting pitching.

Many things not we can decide. Like the outcome of the game. Have a lot of little episode.Sure as heck, if I was a manager or a player, and I knew I was going to be in this one-game win-or-go-home game; I would love to have the best of the best out there for this one-game because I know it will be a dog fight and I want the best shot to win this game so we can go on to the next round. 

I like to know something I don't know it. About MLB baseball. It's important to me. Because I'm a baseball fan.I don’t care if it’s Tim Lincecum I’m tossing out there on the mound or if I have Derek Jeter batting when were down 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and its a three-to-two full count; because I know they would come through when it matters to move the team on to the next round.  We can worry about the repercussions later after we win.

I think in my life, after all cannot lack baseball. Baseball is a part of my life.Regardless though, it is going to be entertaining to watch this unfold in September.  Who knows, it could mean we could have a third place team win the World Series one day.